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A financial services company is a business or company which manages, invests, exchanges, or holds money on behalf of clients. Many types of companies can be considered financial services companies, including banks, insurance companies, and asset management firms, among others. As money and finance become ever more complex, there are an increasing number of activities and enterprises a financial services company can be engaged in.

The largest business in the world, in terms of the amount of money that changes hands, is insurance. It is also one of the oldest businesses. Insurance is considered a financial service because it protects against the loss of money or property, and because insurance companies themselves often are involved very heavily in investment.
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The premiums collected by an insurance company are statistically not likely to have to be completely repaid. After a while, an insurance company accumulates more money from premiums than it has had to pay out in claims, and this extra cash is referred to as "float." It is not uncommon for an insurance company to invest its float in order to earn a return, and thus, in a way, insure themselves.